Permanent Makeup

Eyelash Enhancement

Applying color in the lash line, between the lashes, gives an appearance of full and thick lush lashes. This option is great for women or men who want a very natural, subtle enhancement. It can be soft or clearly defined with either dark brown or black shades.

Permanent Makeup


Often applied in different styles and colors, from a soft, natural-looking lash enhancement to a defined line, the choice is yours! For some people, they feel both an upper and lower eyeliner suits their needs. We select the colors according to personal preference and style to highlight your eyes. This is a great option for the people with dexterity issues, problems with eyesight or anyone tired of fussing with eyeliner daily.

Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup is not recommended for clients who are or have any of the following:
  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Diabeti​c
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult with your doctor)
  • Viral infections (diseases)
  • Had botox within a 3 week period of microblading appointment
  • Had an organ transplant
  • Epilepsy
  • Sick with a cold or flu like virus
  • Used Accutane in the past 6 months
  • If you have extremely oily skin, the microblading technique is NOT ideal for you as the oil produced will cause your ‘hair strokes’ to heal much softer with a powder look rather than a defined stroke.
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