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̶  Adding Balance and Definition to your Face.

Voted as one of the top 5 brow artists by Narcity 2017. Derma Clinic creates the most natural looking, realistic hair strokes with the use of Manual Micoblading. We carefully select the right shades to suit your natural skin tones, giving you the most natural look.

Brows are the framework for the entire face. The right eyebrow shape will add balance and enhance all your other beautiful features.  Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed brows everyday without having to worry about filling in, smudging, sweating or disappearing.

Before we begin the procedure, we will carefully measure and design the best brow shape suited to your face, bone structure and existing hair. Once we have agreed upon the design, a topical anaesthetic will then be applied to minimize discomfort. The entire process takes only 2 hours and there is no down time. A complimentary touch up is required 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications and other factors. Touch ups are recommended once a year to prevent natural fading.



̶  A Total Transformation!

Eyelash Enhancement: Applying color in the lashe line, between the lashes, gives an appearance of full and thick lush lashes. This option is great for women or men who want a very natural, subtle enhancement. It can be soft or clearly defined with either dark brown or black shades.

Eyeliner: Often applied in different styles and colors, from a soft, natural-looking lash enhancement to a defined line, the choice is yours! For some people, they feel both an upper and lower eyeliner suits their needs. We select the colors according to personal preference and style to highlight your eyes. This is a great option for the people with dexterity issues, problems with eyesight or anyone tired of fussing with eyeliner daily.



̶  Permanent Lip Color Means No More Lipstick!

Permanent Lip Color Means No More Lipstick! We all want well defined, beautiful and full lips. Few women are so lucky. Redefinition of an irregular lip line or scar can be accomplished with a permanent lip liner procedure or full permanent lip color for permanently beautiful lips 24/7 without lipstick.

With permanent lip color and/or lip liner, you can always enhance or change your permanent lip color with lipstick if desired, but you can feel confident that your enhanced lips will look great all the time.



̶  Polished and Covered to Perfection.

Permanent Makeup for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Hair loss and thinning hair is not a problem that only men have, women have this problem too. With the use of permanent makeup and scalp repigmentation you can hide these problems permanently.

There is virtually no “down-time” with a scalp repigmentation procedure. Please note that the “after” photos have been taken right after the permanent makeup has been applied. The implanted color will be slightly darker for the first two to three days until the top layer exfoliates off resulting in a soft more natural appearance. Healing is usually completed in the first five days.

Lash Lift

Lash Lift

̶  No More Lash Curler!

Finally, an alternative to lash extensions and fake eyelashes.

Your natural lashes, lifted, curled, darkened and glossed with a keratin treatment – for 6 to 10 weeks! No removal required.

Throw away your eyelash curler, put away your expensive mascara…Look like you wake up in makeup!


A World Class Artist

Permanent Make Up, Enhancing Beauty

Recognized as the best eyebrow technique in the business, our technique produces impressive results as it considers various aspects of the face such as expression lines, facial symmetry, color, quantity, type of hair, and personal identity, allowing us to find the optimal design for each face, highlighting your natural beauty, making your expression more elegant and personalized.

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Our Approach

A professional approach; always up-to-date with the latest developments and techniques; and a sincere interest in every person in search of their personal beauty: this is the key to the success of Derma Clinic.

Our Aim

The aim is for everyone who joins the Derma Clinic experience to feel inspired, and guided with affection towards realizing themselves. Everything at Derma Clinic has the aim of releasing your inner beauty and giving you more confidence in front of the world.

Every month we offer amazing deals and specials resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings! Make sure to download your cash voucher today!